Written by on November 9, 2018

You wake up, and you see Donald Trump on your morning news station promoting his ideology. This sort of thinking is spreading through Trump’s platforms such as Twitter, the white house news briefings, or interviews that could either inspire or disgust somebody. It is then up to that person to decide if he/she agrees with the words and actions of Donald Trump. For many, it has disgusted civil societies as they have expressed their political views with protests, or it has inspired the voices of many citizens or political leaders. Nevertheless, it was the rhetoric of Donald Trump who has influenced far right-wing leaders such as Marine Le Pen in France, Viktor Orban in Hungary, Rodrigo Duerte in the Philippines, and Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil as Trump’s ideology becomes in large part, a threat to the world.

Why of all people, does Donald Trump inspire other world leaders to be far-right while promoting dictating ideals? It is because Trump started his campaign promoting racist, sexist, and autocracy ideology and with that, that led him into the position of the President of the United States of America. A country that is known as a global power that has influenced many other countries with its democracy. As president, Trump undermines democracy and believes he can make a difference according to his standards. In recent news, Trump has publicly announced that he wants to get rid of the 14th amendment. The amendment allows any a child born in US soil to become an American citizen. Trump believes through executive action as many legal advisors and attorneys have noted that Trump cannot accomplish that on his own. It is ideology like this that allows Trump to forget that he lives in a democracy. In a democracy, Trump must consult with everyone’s political agenda other than his own. In the eyes of the other world leaders, they see this as Trump accomplishing what he wants in a democracy where nobody’s voice matters but his own.

Any ideology that Donald Trump spreads is considered Trumpism. According to, Trumpism is, “the nontraditional political philosophy and approach espoused by US President Donald Trump and his supporters.” The definition of addressing goes to show that  Trumpism is not only a threat to US democracy but the world. As a leader of a democratic country, Donald Trump spreads his rhetoric to the world through other democratic countries where the media isn’t regulated. With the media outlets, It is Trumpism that normalizes his ideology to the world and influences political leaders like Marine Le Pen in France. Although Marine Le Pen didn’t win the France election, she was nevertheless very close to winning in a world where Donald Trump is inspiring other countries than his own. In an interview with BBC, Marine Le Pen says Donald Trump is winning the election was, “an additional stone in the building in the new world.” This passage shows how Marine Le Pen not only inspired by Trump but shows admiration for Trump in achieving this. Marine Le Pen also continues to believe Trump is creating a new world wherein a democratic country anybody can become a dictator. The example of Marie Le Pen in France goes to show that Trump’s ideas aren’t only influencing the American people, but the world.

Viktor Orban in Hungary has accomplished his ideas in a democratic country like Hungary as he has managed to change the constitution five times, restrict the freedom of the press, and changed the electoral system to ensure the opposition couldn’t win an election against him. The actions of Orban while in office is another example where Trump is embracing this sort of behavior, to be admirable. Trump’s administration has embraced Orban, further expressing to other world leaders to become a dictator of their own in their own countries no matter the odds against them.

In an article by the New Yorker titled, “Jair Bolsonaro’s Victory Echoes Donald Trump’s, with Key Differences,” Jon Lee Anderson notes the similarity between Jair Bolsonaro and Trump saying, “Trump has insulted women; Bolsonaro has publicly abused a female lawmaker, shoving her and telling her she was “too ugly to deserve rape.” Trump has dog-whistled his approval of police officers using rough tactics; Bolsonaro has openly advocated a gloves-off policy regarding Brazil’s “criminal” problem in the same deadly fashion as the Filipino President.” The similarity between Trump and Bolsonaro goes to show that new political leaders like Bolsonaro, who just won an election in Brazil as a far right wing candidate, can demonstrate dangerous dictator behavior.

In the perspective of the world as a whole, Trumpism is a threat to the world. Any actions that characterize as a dictator allows for leaders in a democracy, like Donald Trump himself, to throw the constitution out the window and rule a nation with the idea that nobody’s political views or political correctness matter other than your own. With this, democratic countries will not be able to function and make it easier for democratic countries to turn into dictatorship countries. If democratic countries turn into authoritarian states, then the world will go back to being mostly authoritarian as it has been for most of human history. For some, this idea of becoming an authoritarian country appeals to some people. The issue with being a dictator is the fact that you are ignorant. Dictators become ignorant that they don’t see everyone else around them as their equal. Due to this, many lives will be suppressed as authoritarian countries are doing so in the present. Trump’s ideas spreading to the world, inspiring many more leaders to become dictators with their far-right views, will be a danger to the society as a whole.

You’re probably asking yourself, how can we stop Trumpism? For Trumpism to prevent spreading to the rest of the world is to set up right-wing leaders to fail. But first, we have to go to the root of the problem and start with Trump failing in a democratic state where his ideas will not get passed through Congress nor the judicial courts.  Donald Trump’s actions must be stopped with Trump being impeached or having elected officials that overrule his executive orders. If Trump fails in the eyes of the world, then it will be clear that a leader like him is setting themselves up for disaster. The actions of a political leader not following the norms of democracy show why it is important that everybody’s voice is heard loud and clear. Right-wing candidates and political leaders agenda have but what about the rest? Voting will solve that. It is essential that in a democratic state we are all aware of what is going on in the political society around them.

With this op-ed, I tried to highlight how Trump ideals go far than what he is trying to accomplish to the United States. I wanted to show how his ideas not only influence the country but the whole world. With this article, I was trying to accomplish the dangers Trumpism is doing to the world and not just in the United States. I had to dig deep into the root of the problem and figure out who, what, why, where, and how.

I had to discover who did Donald Trump inspire in democratic states to be dictatorships. To my discovery, there were many leaders like him, and they all show their support for one another. The more you think about it, it’s probably not that surprising but exciting to think about it too.

I had also to discover what even is it that inspires other political leaders to be loud in their political agenda like Donald Trump does. To my discovery, everything. The way Trump talks to his supporters, to his colleges, to his enemies who don’t believe in agenda, the way he uses tactics to suppress his opponents like calling the media fake. These sorts of actions are what inspired political leaders like Marine Le Pen and Jair Bolsonaro as I’m sure the list will continue to add.

I also wanted to find out why? Why of all people, does Donald Trump inspire and even become a threat to the world? Other political leaders are dangerous like Kim Jong-un in North Korea that could encourage future political leaders. It turns out, it’s because Donald Trump, in a democracy, has created a campaign that undermines the American republic and in doing so, Trump won the election. This sort of thing is something many people have not seen coming. So looking at it as a non-American, anybody in a democratic state can accomplish this if they follow Trump’s footsteps. I also wanted to mention real people, other than Donald Trump that has followed his steps so that my thesis would be stronger in explaining my point. To some people, they admire Donald Trump for his ideas, and I wanted to show that how can he be respected if he is undermining the American democracy and surpassing the lives of many people. Mentioning Trumpism was an effort to use my rhetoric to hopefully convince others to see this issue through my point of view.

I wanted to achieve further how Trump has successfully promoted his ideas to the world. Trump has produced supporting his ideology by his tweets, interviews, and actions as the President that not only address to the United States but the world.

In this article, I wanted to demonstrate the problem but most importantly not leave any questions unanswered and explain a solution to this threat. Probably the only solution for this is to allow for Trump to fail. I wanted to demonstrate that there is a solution to every problem.

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